First aid course children and infants



Children are very active. Their natural need for movement and their curiosity puts them very often in a situation, where they need help.

Would you know what to do if you baby or child starting choking or stopped breathing? Our course is packed with practical advises, and teaches you, how to act in an emergency situation.


- Prevention

- Assess the situation, secure area, call for help, emergency numbers

- Assess patient, follow ACBD-Guidelines, recovery position

- Breathing problems, asthma, swallow foreign objects

- Cardiac arrest and resuscitation (CPR)

- Sport and head injuries

- Burns, bleedings

- Fever

- Belly ache

- Shock

Target group:

Parents, Grand parents, Day care employee, Babysitter 


5 to 6 hours


per Person CHF 130.--   certificat and beverage included

per Parents CHF 220.-- 


Relax Drive GmbH, Klosterberg 19, 4051 Basel

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